Meet Kimberley Barnes Henson of Houston, Texas

Kim Barnes Henson

Kimberley Barnes Henson, a native of the great cit of Houston, Texas, and a current resident of the neighboring city of Richmond. She is a loving wife and proud mother of two. Kim is committed to her faith and its greatest tenet, to love God with all her heart and her neighbor as herself. Kim’s faith has led her to make boundless efforts in her life, which have catapulted her to a successful career in real estate, construction, and leadership roles throughout the community.

Kimberley has faced many difficult challenges in her personal and professional life. Suffice it to say that God has sustained her. It is those challenges that have caused her to persevere and have shaped her into the woman she is today.texas-real-estate-broker-kimberley-barnes-henson-169x300

Her beloved godfather, Rev. R. E. Edwards, Jr., called it “bull-dog-nacity.” Kim is a fighter. Kimberley understands the value of great relationships, whether it’s with family, friends, business associates, or clients.

She appreciates the benefits of a strong team and has developed a reliable group of competent people to stand alongside her. She looks for innovative ways to circumvent any obstacle encountered while striving to fulfill the client’s goals.

“Customer service will make or break you.”

kb-aboutus-2Kim Barnes Henson lives by this and applies it to every facet of her career. She sincerely demonstrates what true customer service is; it comes naturally to her because she genuinely cares about her clients’ goals. She listens intently to what they hope to accomplish and she does everything to deliver as promised.

Consider working with Kimberley; reach out to her today and see for yourself exactly what this proven professional can do for you!


Testimonials about Kim Barnes Henson

“Kim explained the process to us in great detail. She found a home that met our needs perfectly, and now my son won’t have to change schools. She negotiated and reviewed all paperwork to ensure our current and future needs were being met.”

Kim was awesome. She really took the time to make sure I had everything I needed; even when I was stressed out about the move, she was a rock for me. Kim is a rare gem!!!”

“My mission is to teach others how to leverage real estate and entrepreneurship to create a legacy.” – KBH