Houston Black Real Estate Association  President of HBREA – Kimberley Barnes Henson

Kimberley is currently president of the Houston Black Real Estate Association; she will be ceremonially installed as president on January 21, 2017. Kimberley has many plans for HBREA.

She is focused on conserving its history while concentrating her efforts on providing education to African Americans in hopes of bridging the wealth gap in the African American community.

The Numbers Don’t Lie…HBREA 2016

“The homeownership rate for the second quarter 2016 for non-Hispanic White householders reporting a single race was highest at 71.5 percent. The rate for Asian or Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander households was second at 53.7 percent and Black Alone householders was lowest at 41.7 percent. The homeownership rate for Black Alone householders was lower than the second quarter 2015 rate.Census.gov

Kim’s mission as President of HBREA is to ensure that Houston is a major component of the national president, Ron Cooper’s, vision of two million NEW Black Homeowners within five years.

She’s reaching out to the community in an effort to increase wealth that leads to legacies; to help preserve the value of homes in African American communities; and to share a plethora of information that will further assist African Americans to gain knowledge regarding homeownership, wills, trusts, property taxes, and more.

Investing in People = Greatest ROI   *Return On Investment

See the article by the Wall Street Journal regarding declining homeownership rates in the Black community – Click Here.

See the State of Housing in Black America Report – Click Here.

Houston Black Real Estate Association

The mission of HBREA and everything it stands for has Kimberley intensely devoted to its cause. Integrity, Professionalism, and Value are merits synonymous with HBREA’s name and logo, which she proudly represents.

Kimberley is calling upon Houston and its surrounding areas to help set records and see to it that there are more African American homeowners in the United States.

Kimberley believes in connecting with all groups regardless of ethnicity, to share the importance of the mission and goals of HBREA.

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